Blue Box Events

Blue Box Events provides customizable planning and coordination packages for couples that reflect their individual wedding. 

Blue Box Events offers many types of event coordination and can tailor a package to fit your needs.

Full Service Coordination

I'm engaged! Now what?

With this package, Blue Box Events will assist you from start to finish. We will schedule everything that needs to be done before the big day, set up monthly check-in appointments from the date of hire until the wedding day, help you set up a budget, help you secure vendors, attend vendor meetings with you if needed, manage vendor contracts, and handle anything else you might need. This is the perfect package if planning a wedding overwhelming and you want to enjoy being engaged instead of being stressed.


I think I planned everything . . . right? How do I make sure it all goes smoothly?

If you are comfortable with planning the wedding on a big-picture level, but you are nervous about handling every single detail, then this package is for you. The month before your wedding Blue Box Events will put together a complete, detailed schedule for the wedding day. We will also manage your vendors, visit the venue, run the rehearsal for you, and help make sure your wedding day is entirely stress-free for you and your loved ones so you can fully enjoy your big day. (Besides, the month before your wedding is for fun things like bachelor and bachelorette parties . . . not stressful negotiations with vendors!) 

Wedding Day Coordination

I'm an organization ninja and every single detail of my wedding is exactly like I want it. But, who's keeping it under control while I party?

This is our most basic (but perhaps the most important) package for the DIY wedding planner. Blue Box Events will get together with you before your wedding to understand your every wish for your wedding. We'll confirm your day-of schedule with you, manage your rehearsal, and call the shots on the day of, ensuring that all your amazing work sparkles, so that you can relax and enjoy the party.

Event Consulting

I'm not ready to commit to a package but I might need help here and there . . .

Blue Box Events offers consulting services by the hour. If you're DIY-ing your wedding but you're finding yourself stuck on something, we're always here to be your guru and help you get it done! Need vendor referrals? Not sure how much is reasonable to pay for a venue? Need help with the contracts for your vendors? Not sure where to start on a budget or schedule? We're here for you and are more than happy to share our expertise with you to make your pre-wedding burden a little bit lighter. 

To contact us, call or text (949) 613-2150 or email