Blue Box Events

Blue Box Events provides customizable planning and coordination packages for couples that reflect their individual wedding. 

Booking a Venue

Booking a venue is one of the first, and biggest, decisions of your wedding. Be sure to visit multiple venues, compare prices, and discuss availability with the venue coordinator. It is important to take a list of questions with you so you fully understand the unique rules of each venue. We recommend visiting venues and understanding date availability before you decide firmly on a date for your wedding. Remember that you should have all details confirmed in writing. 

There are some great venue interview lists out there, here are ours: 


  1. What dates are available during the month we would like to be married?
  2. How many weddings will be booked on the same day?


  1. How many guests does the venue accommodate comfortably?
  2. Is pricing based on guest count?
  3. Are children allowed at the venue?


  1. Do you offer discount rates for off season weddings or weddings on a day other than Saturday?
  2. How and when will payment and deposits be expected?
  3. What costs should I expect besides the basic fee? Are there charges for gratuity, cleaning, overtime, etc. that I need to plan for?
  4. When is the deposit due? Is it refundable up to a point?
  5. What is the policy for cancellation?


  1. What are vendor restrictions? Can I bring in my own vendors? 
  2. Does the venue hold liability insurance?
  3. Is dancing allowed? Is there a dance area or will a dance floor need to be rented?
  4. What equipment (sound, lighting, tables, chairs, dance floor) will be provided and what will need to be rented?
  5. What are the noise restrictions?
  6. Are bathrooms available for guests?
  7. Is there a bridal room?
  8. Is parking available? For how many cars? Is a valet required?
  9. Will rain affect the venue?
  10. Can we use candles? Flowers on the floor? What other restrictions do you have?
  11. What time can setup begin? What time must everyone be gone?
  12. What are the responsibilities for cleaning? Can cleaning be done the following day?
  13. Is any decor provided? Is there an extra charge for setup or teardown?

Food & Drinks: 

  1. Is there a venue caterer? Am I allowed to bring in my own caterer? Are there limitations on who we can use?
  2. Can I bring in a cake from outside? Is there a cake cutting fee? Is the fee waived with an on-site cake? 
  3. Do you have a liquor license? What is your pricing?
  4. Will you allow us to bring our own liquor? Is there a corkage fee?
  5. Is there a food or drink minimum?
  6. Do you have reviews or recommendations for your caterer?


  1. Do you provide event staff? Is there an extra charge?
  2. What are their duties on the wedding day? Do they assist with setup or tear down?
  3. Who will be our point person on the day of our wedding?

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