Blue Box Events

Blue Box Events provides customizable planning and coordination packages for couples that reflect their individual wedding. 

Guest List

Your guest list can be one of the more stressful parts of your wedding planning. How many are invited? Who are the parents going to want to invite? Will everyone need a plus one? Start your guest list early and communicate with parents and family who might have an interest regarding their expectations. It is better to communicate up front rather than finalize your guest lists and have family throw it into flux after the fact. The Knot offers some helpful guidelines. Keeping your list in a Google Doc is very helpful as it will allow you to run a mail merge for printed labels, share it easily with a calligrapher, sort it if needed, and assign priority to lists. A guest list can be a stressful process - a wedding coordinator can help you ease some of the tensions if you expect difficulties with family or friends. 

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