Blue Box Events

Blue Box Events provides customizable planning and coordination packages for couples that reflect their individual wedding. 

The Dress

The wedding dress is one of the most exciting decision of the wedding planning. Many brides remember choosing their perfect dress as the moment when the wedding day finally became real for them. Before choosing your dress, decide on your wedding budget and your absolute limit for dress costs. Be sure to factor in the cost of a veil, accessories, undergarments, alterations, fittings, taxes, and dry cleaning if your dress will need it.

Visit multiple bridal boutiques and be sure to ask many questions of the sales people. Be prepared to be pressured you to buy immediately by being told your dress might not even come in on time, or to be pressured to spend much more than your budget. Unless you are 3 months out from your wedding date, do not feel pressured. Research bridal sample sales in your area in your favorite designers for a bargain.

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